Six Weeks Later, A Stolen Trailer Has Been Returned

Monday, July 10th 2017, 9:30 pm
By: News On 6

It's been a long 6 weeks since someone stole a moving trailer with all of Barbara Woodard's possessions from Trails End Mini Storage in Owasso. 

"It was almost, a death feeling inside, that I would never have those pictures," said Barbara Woodard. 

Surveillance footage shows a white truck driving onto the storage property. You can see a man gets out, unlocks the gates and drives in. A few minutes later the video shows the same truck leaving with a trailer on the back. 

The trailer is Woodard's and it had decades of family memories inside, including the last pictures of her daughter Mandy, who died last year of brain cancer. 

"I had practically given up, it's just one of those things, well you know, we're so close to the other state lines I figured everything was gone," said Woodard. 

While Woodard was losing hope, she says the Rogers County Sheriff's Office never did and on June 30, deputies found most of her belongings. 

"I was elated. Especially when one of the detectives said that he had found some of the family pictures and stuff that I had been wanting. My memories." 

Woodard says the thieves used the items they stole. Everything from the wall art to bath mats, to decorate their house. 

"It was amazing to see that they would actually go through and decorate their house with my wall stuff," Woodard mentioned. 

The trailer was sold to someone out of state and Woodard is still missing kitchen appliances and furniture but she says, those are just things, the memories were the real treasure and thanks to deputies, she got most of those back.