New Fireworks Law Change Makes Shopping More Hands On

Monday, July 3rd 2017, 6:33 pm
By: News On 6

There is a new law in Oklahoma giving customers a hands-on approach to an American tradition. 

Last year, you would've had to order your fireworks from outside the tent and an employee would have to hand them to you. This year, you're allowed inside the tent to rummage through hundreds of thousands of Fourth of July favorites for yourself. 

If you're from Owasso and it's around the Fourth of July, you know all about Jake's Fireworks Stand. It's been around for almost a decade. 

The tent sees about 400 customers a day and for the past two years, the stand has been run by Derek Scheihing and his family and friends. 

"It's a lot of prep. I've been out here since the Thursday before Father's day. So I have to camp out for 24 days," said Derek Scheihing. 

This year, customers at Jake's and at every other firework stand in the state of Oklahoma is giving their customers a  much more hands-on approach to their firework selection. 

Scheihing says the new law is changing the way he does business, for the better. 

"The people just love it. Every comment is like, I love this, we can come in the tent now, we can shop like we are shopping at Walmart," said Scheihing. 

Kids are also allowed in the tent with their parents, which would've been against the law just a few months ago. 

Now before you set off fireworks, make sure you check your city's fireworks regulations.