GRDA Police Offer Safety Tips For July 4th Celebrations

Saturday, July 1st 2017, 7:15 pm
By: News On 6

In a few days, Hudson Lake and other lakes around Oklahoma are going to be bustling with people enjoying the holiday.

But just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you'll get a free pass for breaking the law.

A few unlucky people on Hudson lake are going home with tickets. If necessary GRDA police officer Alan Davis has no problem handing out more.

"This is absolutely about safety,” said Hudson. “We don't want to ruin anybody’s day; we want them to have fun. However, what we don't want to do is have to work hours on end on a drowning."

Improper use of a life jacket or not using life jackets are common violations, but they are violations that are easy to avoid.

"The water is very unforgiving,” said Davis. “Wear your life jackets at all times, even if not required by law. If you go in this water and you are unable to swim or you get injured when you go in, you're still not gonna make it out of the water."

When in the water, there are a few other safety tips to keep in mind. Davis uses a special device to track his location and what's in the water.

"We have a lot of obstructions. You have to be knowledgeable,” he stated. “We have hidden islands that are just a couple of feet under water."

With water levels returning to normal, chances for obstructions, like stumps sticking out of the water, are higher. However, you and the people around you will be safe if you're driving safely and paying attention.

But if you're not paying attention, the GRDA is.

"We increase our man power numbers; all hands are on deck for the Fourth of July weekend,” said Davis. “It's our busiest weekend of the year."

If you don't have electronic equipment to track the depth of the water, you can get chart books online or from the GRDA.