Man Leads Car Chase Into An Established Building

Friday, June 30th 2017, 6:55 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man is preparing a wall at his business tonight after a car plowed through it during a police chase. 

Bill Buffington owns this building off I-44 and has for almost 50 years. 

"I was a builder in 1971, I built this building," said the owner, William Buffington.

Thursday night Buffington's hard work became a crime scene. 

"I saw a mess. I saw a car that was poking part way in there and glass and bricks lying everywhere," said Buffington. 

Roel Gonzalez was the driver of that car. Police said he almost backed into a police officer at a railroad crossing, leading to a chase that ended when Gonzalez jumped out of his car at Lewis and I-44. Leaving the car to roll into Buffington's building. 

"Once the officers catch up to him, he produces a knife he makes some statements saying that he would rather have the officers kill or shoot him," said Jeanne Mackenzie of Tulsa PD. 

Officers tased Gonzalez and took him into custody. 

Gonzalez is in jail today facing five charges, including eluding and resisting arrest while Buffington is left picking up the pieces. 

"The worst part of it was, I saw a brick wall that was damaged and I built that of brick that is no longer available and my thoughts are "where am I going to find that brick," said Buffington.

Gonzalez does have a pretty extensive criminal history here in Tulsa. He had a felony warrant out for his arrest when officers tried to stop him yesterday. He is being held at Tulsa County Jail.