Del City Father Catches Man Preying On Daughter

Friday, June 30th 2017, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma father set a trap to catch a child predator targeting his daughter.

"It is pretty incredible and it's good video, too. It's good evidence," said Del City Police Major Jody Suit.

You see a man walking toward a tent in a Del City backyard.

Right when he tries to open it, he's tackled.

"The father and three of his family members quickly jump upon him and take him into custody in their own way and they zip-tie his hands and feet, and hold him until the police got there," Suit said.

A citizen's arrest of 33-year-old Jeremy Dewayne Gibson. 

"I feel like it's a parent's right to do whatever they need to do to protect their children," Suit said.

Through a phone application, Suit says, the dad found out his teenage daughter — only 15 — had inappropriate chats with Gibson. 

"He knew the family, was evidently a family friend or somehow, but he knew the girl's age," Suit said.

Knowing he's over twice her age, they planned to meet out back.

The police report shows the two talked about having sex.

"The father took it upon himself to contact this individual and just as her, and say are you still coming tonight? And he said he was," Suit said.

So a new plan of attack: a fatherly instinct to protect his child. 

"As a father, I understand, I feel like that he did what he felt was best," Suit said.

And Suit says Gibson has no valid excuse. 

"He claimed that he came to talk to her but he did bring a condom with him so he brought something to forward his advancement toward this child," Suit said.

Police think this teenager was talking to another child predator in New York, so officers are building a case to arrest him, too.