Tulsa School Faces Urgent Renovation

Wednesday, June 28th 2017, 5:38 pm

The consolidation of some West Tulsa schools forced an urgent renovation at Webster High School. 

The district has to make room for a new junior high school on the Webster campus. The work involves adding classrooms for the high school and junior high, and for the first time, making the building and bathrooms handicapped accessible. 

Furniture and books fill some hallways at Webster, but most of this is for the normal summer cleaning that happens while students are out of the building. But a few steps down the hall to the old pool, there's a major fixer-upper project underway. 

Filling in the pool is the most complicated part of the $1.8 million project, paid for with bond money approved in 2015. 

The Webster campus is unique in Tulsa Public Schools, with the cafeteria being in its own building. The school's music programs are being moved in there. 

However, much of the work is in what used to be the annex for the high school. The district is knocking down walls to add an elevator. They're repainting everything and rebuilding the bathrooms, which were designed for taller students and build before anyone considered handicapped accessibility. That's why new ramps are being built outside of the school, so people in wheelchairs can get in and out.