Man Arrested After April Shooting in North Tulsa

Monday, June 26th 2017, 1:04 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police on Monday arrested a man on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill in North Tulsa's Edenwood Apartments. 

Terric Jefferson, 21, was arrested in the shooting of Anthony McCray on April 17, 2017. 

According to police, the shooting stemmed from a stolen necklace that belonged to McCray. He reportedly lost the necklace a couple weeks prior to the shooting at Edenwood Apartments after a visit. When McCray returned to the apartments to give a little boy a haircut, a woman named Johnece Haney entered the apartment wearing what McCray believed to be his necklace. 
After he showed Haney the receipt for the necklace, someone in the office called Norris "Chuck" Williams, saying that McCray put his hands around Haney's neck in an attempt to take the necklace back. McCray denies those allegations. 

McCray stated that he later saw Williams and the suspect, Terric "T.J." Jefferson at the complex. He also stated that T.J. had a .380 pistol. 

In the same day, the police report states McCray went to the north side of the apartment complex to visit a woman. As he pulled his truck into the area and turned the engine off he heard T.J. say, "Move around!" According to McCray, that's when Jefferson shot him. He was shot on the right side of his head, the center of his chest, and his right shoulder, police said.

McCray said that he saw T.J. shoot him and that he heard two different pistols shooting. Police said McCray picked Jefferson out of a six-person lineup.

Detectives stated that the .380 pistol can fire 9mm cartridges, the same type of cartridges found at the scene. Lab results will be submitted to confirm if the cartridges were indeed shot by Jefferson's .380

Police conducted surveillance on a vehicle and apartment associated with Jefferson at the same apartment complex as the shooting. Tulsa police say they identified Jefferson walking towards a car. 

After Jefferson entered the car with no passengers, officers approached the car, ordering Jefferson to put his hands up. He reportedly reversed and fled from the apartment complex, after nearly hitting the officers twice. Jefferson eventually crashed, fled on foot and got away from police, but they did discover a .380 semi-automatic pistol lying in the passenger side floorboard. 

Jefferson was found Monday morning and arrested on complaints of shooting with intent to kill, two counts of possession of a firearm, eluding, along with nine other complaints. 

According to Tulsa police, Jefferson is a member of the 42 (Four-Deuce) Neighborhood Crip street gang.