BBB Issues Fake Restaurant Menu Scam Alert

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 8:52 am
By: Dave Davis

The Better Business Bureau says there is a new scam popping up and this one involves restaurant menus showing up online.  

Criminals are finding creative ways to get their hands on your money.

We've all seen them, menus like those slipped under the door of your hotel or apartment and even popping up on the Internet.

Some are from legitimate restaurants, but the BBB says scammers are using fake menus with different phone numbers, so they can get your credit card information. 

"So you call, you order and then your order never shows up and your credit card is charged an excessive amount or multiple times," said Amie Mitchell, BBB CEO

Crooks can make the menus look legitimate, copying company names and logos.  It may look like the real thing. 

But the BBB says you can avoid being a victim by simply searching the phone number on the menu online to see if its connected to the actual restaurant, or if its not linked to anything.