Sand Springs Police Warn Of Phone Scam

Wednesday, June 14th 2017, 12:30 pm
By: News On 6

Sand Springs Police are warning people about an attempted scam someone recently tried to run on two local businesses.

Police said the scammer calls a business and tells them that unless they get a Green Dot prepaid credit card and pay them over the phone, their electricity will be cut off. 

"Obviously this is not a sophisticated operation, but we encourage everyone to understand the situation and to never pay someone over the phone by prepaid credit card.  If you ever receive a call like this, call the company back on a phone number that you look up off of your bill, not a number the caller gives you," police said. 

SSPD said a variation of this scam is when a caller tells people that they will be arrested unless they pay off a debt.

"This is not true, the police do not arrest people for failing to pay a debt to a business," SSPD said. 

Police urge people to be safe, wise and skeptical of people who call them.