Death Of Tulsa Man Slain By Police, Deputies Raises Questions

Monday, June 12th 2017, 10:18 pm

Tulsa Police continue their investigation into the shooting of a mentally ill man.

A police officer and two deputies fired shots, but a neighbor of the man killed says it should have never come to that.

A deputy fired a taser, but missed just before Joshua Barre was killed going into a convenience store wielding two knives.

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Tonya Ross says she heard the shots Friday morning, from her porch, and soon learned her neighbor was dead.

She saw him just a few minutes before.

"This wasn't even out of the norm, you know what I'm saying?" Ross said. "So I don't see why he ended up losing his life. He shouldn't have lost his life this, that's just sad."

Ross knew the erratic behavior of Barre, who she said often went for walks carrying a large knife.

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She tried to get him help, but said deputies only agitated him more.

"But they was beating on his doors, and windows and you're just aggravating him, all they had to do was talk to him," Ross said.

Friday morning, from 50th Court east toward Boston Place, Barre walked for at least 10 minutes, just over one mile to the store, while 911 was getting calls.

One 911 caller said Barre had two butcher knives in his hands. Another said Barre looked like he was walking down the street to do some harm to somebody.

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Another said he was out walking the street with a machete, threatening people. Another said Barre was scary.

The fatal encounter came as Barre walked into the store, with officers firing at least six shots through the door.

Ross said Barre seemed agitated that morning.

Despite that, she's left wondering why the confrontation ended with gunfire.

"As often as they came by, I still feel like they could have done more and Josh would still be here," she said.