Owasso Students Donate To Outsiders House Project

Thursday, May 25th 2017, 7:02 pm
By: News On 6

A group of Owasso drama students are chipping in to help restore the historic Outsider's House in Tulsa - by using their love of acting.

"We knew that this was here and we were like, 'what do you guys think about this,' and they were ecstatic, they were just 'yes, we've got to do something,'" said Ryan King, theater director at Owasso High School.

Owasso High Theater Director Ryan King says it didn't take any persuading for his students to give the money from their last two shows of the year back to the community.

"Some of the shots were filmed in Owasso; there were some really close to the school," he said. "The thought of being able to do something for the outsiders house and these people was like, 'let's do it!' 

They were so excited about that."

The kids practiced for weeks and performed their own rendition of The Outsiders in front of family and friends.

"Original thought was we'll go with like $500 - not knowing what we would come out with at the end," King said.

But the students ended up doubling their goal.

 "To give them money to help them rebuild this house - if it helps them progress and have people come here and just enjoy this spot, it would be amazing," said Tim Craig, Owasso sophomore.

 "To me it just shows this still hits every demographic, every age group, and it's such an impactful movie/book that it's cool seeing that future generation enjoying this as much as my generation did," said Donnie Rich, coordinator of The Outsiders project.

King says the whole experience shows that even in a budget crisis, Oklahoma students have hearts that stay gold.

"Overwhelmed, it's not gonna process yet, it's like, wow, we live in a remarkable area, and you know what people are made of when you're kind of on the bottom," said Owasso High School Theater Director Ryan King.

Help restore the Outsiders house.