City Hopes New 'Rumble Strips' Help Save Lives In Sand Springs

Thursday, May 25th 2017, 6:27 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Police say two people have died on 41st Street in Sand Springs over the last few years, but a new update may help save lives.

The City just placed rumble strips in the centerline; police say they're hoping it serves as a reminder of how close drivers could be to danger.

The strips are on 41st Street from Whispering Creek to Rolling Oaks – a busy area that Matt Barnett has used regularly for the last 15 years to get to Hillspring  Church.

"I've heard a thousand different names for it that they've called it - roller coaster road was one of them back in the day," Barnett said. "It has been tough. I mean, there are people that drive kinda crazy down this road."

It's the same street Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter says two deadly crashes have happened on since 2004.

"A lady that was on her way to work lost her life," he said.

There’s also a three-car crash that happened after someone went left of center.

Carter said four other people have been injured after drivers crossed the centerline, and a handful of cars have been damaged.

The extra rumble could make Barnett's trip to church a little safer.

"There are people that, unfortunately, are texting and driving a lot of times, and so I think it kinda wakes them up to where they're at," he said.

Carter said it could save a life, "This project was really meant  to give one last warning to that person that they've crossed left of center and maybe get them to correct that, and hopefully avoid any future tragedies."

The police chief said the project cost the city about $18,000.