Catoosa Power Member Squats Over 400 Pounds At Special Olympics

Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 10:10 pm

Special Olympics powerlifting is a chance to put strength on display.

It's run by Oklahoma State strength coach Rob Glass, and every year, former Cowboy cornerback and current Southern Methodist University strength coach Trumain Carroll brings a crew up from Dallas to help.

"These kids make today so special,” said Carroll. “They spend all year long preparing for today to come in and put on a show for everyone and move some big weight.

There are teams from all over the state competing; one team came all the way from Kansas. Maybe the loudest of them all is the Catoosa Power. They certainly boast one of the strongest competitors.

Seth Yanover is a part of the Catoosa Power and his strength could easily put him in the national games. Wednesday, he squatted over 400 pounds and benched 325.

"It's unreal because he's a guy we've seen him for a few years, so I knew he was going to move big weight,” said Carroll. “I didn't know how big."

Donnie McHendry added, "When you see these young people exuding that type of effort, that type of emotion, that type of excitement, it's unbelievable."