State Rests On Day 5 Of The Betty Shelby Trial

Friday, May 12th 2017, 11:50 am
By: News On 6

The state has rested in Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial on Day 5.  

Before that announcement, the lead detective continued his testimony and Terence Crutcher's twin sister testified.

Dr. Tiffany Crutcher took the stand very briefly Friday morning. 

She identified a picture of her twin brother, which had been taken at church. She told the jury he had a prosthetic eye and was right handed. She was excused and left the courtroom in tears.

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Earlier, police Sergeant Dave Walker finished testifying. 

He testified he's investigated 300-400 homicides and 20-30 officer-involved shootings. He told the jury he has special training to investigate officer-involved shootings and that those investigations took about a month to complete.

Sgt. Walker also said he was angry that he found out from the media that the District Attorney was filing charges against Officer Betty Shelby.

He said after an investigation it can take up to six months for the DA to file charges or clear someone.

In this case, it took six days.

Sgt. Walker said he's never had a charge filed without being consulted by the DA until this case.

But Sgt. Walker did admit that he turned over all the reports from the incident, including the interviews with Officer Shelby, and the other three officers directly involved in the incident.

He also said he had several phone conversations with District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler before the charges were filed.

But Walker says, overall, this entire thing was unusual, meaning an officer-involved shooting that ended in a fatality. 

Walker also said the autopsy results weren't in before the DA charged Shelby, neither were toxicology reports nor tests to see if Crutcher's vehicle was operable. He testified the vehicle was operable. 

Sgt. Walker, who was on the stand for about an hour, talked more about Officer Shelby's statement video.

He said her behavior in the interview did not reflect her behavior the night of the shooting.

But later in his testimony, he agreed that she was emotional, like she was "reliving the event."

He says emotion like that is not abnormal, because everyone handles stress and grief different.

After the District Attorney rested, the defense asked the judge to dismiss the case.  

The judge denied it saying the jury will decide this case and from what he's heard, it will be tough decision but everyone would have to live with the verdict.

The jury was not in the courtroom when the judge made that comment to both sides.

The jury was called back into the courtroom and the defense began its case and calling witnesses.