Higher Water Levels Bring More Customers To Skiatook Lake Businesses

Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 5:32 pm
By: News On 6

Skiatook Lake has been below the normal lever over the last few years, but now the Corps of Engineers is actually releasing water.

The lake is currently three-and-a-half feet above normal, and the extra water is bringing good news for lake businesses.

"I think Skiatook lake is a hidden gem that a lot of people in Oklahoma don't know about," said The Springs venue manager, Jennifer Henry.

The event venue is busy seven days a week with weddings, dances, anniversary parties and more.

“We stay busy all year ‘round - every single season there are brides that wanna get married. For us, spring and fall are definitely the two biggest times of the year," Henry said.

But the real seller is the lake the venue is sitting on.

Henry said, "Our building, our venue, is absolutely gorgeous, but when people walk outside and they see the lake and they see the property, it, hands down, is a huge selling feature.”

Thanks to recent rainfall, the scenic lake is sitting more than three feet above average.

The Springs Venue Manager Jennifer Henry:  "We want that rain. We want the levels to be high because it's a breath-taking view," Henry said.

And she is ready for more.

“The lake is always gorgeous, even when it's a little bit lower it's still absolutely breathtaking out here. But, obviously, the more water that we've had, the more rain that we've had, the higher those levels get, and then it's just an absolutely breath-taking view," she said.

With more rain in the forecast, levels at Skiatook Lake could go even higher.