OKC Bombing Memories Remain Vivid For Local Officers

Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 7:40 pm
By: News On 6

First responders from around the state rushed to Oklahoma city April 19, 1995, to help as much as they could. 

For two local police officers, the memories remain vivid 22 years later.     

The Oklahoma City bombing may have happened more than two decades ago, but the memories of that day are still fresh in the minds of those first responders that dropped everything to go and help.

Corporal Steve Wood has been with the Tulsa Police Department for 35 years, but on that day in April 1995, he was one of the only bomb squad officers in the state.

TPD's squad, armed with dogs and a robot, headed to the scene just hours after the bombing. 

"At the time, we were the only ones that had either of those two in the state," Wood said. "I just remember walking around the corner and here's half of a building that's standing, and the other half is laying in a pile of rubble down in the street."

Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter had only been a police officer for two years at the time of the bombing. He said he'll never forget the moment he realized there was an attack in his home state.

"Sometimes, when you watch things on TV, you can't tell the magnitude of what's going on," Carter said. "It was just incomprehensible to me that we would have a terrorist attack in Oklahoma."

After the first wave of volunteers went home, the Sand Springs Police Department asked for volunteers to provide security detail.

"Most people are at a loss," Carter said. "They want to give back, they want to participate. And in law enforcement, we have that opportunity to give our time and our talents to help in that situation."

He said in the 22 years since that day, what he saw still sticks with him and taught him a major lesson.

"As much as Timothy McVeigh thought he made a change in the world, he didn't. If you ever look at the people that have made true change in the world, they've done so through peaceful means," Carter said.