Road Back Open After Semi Dumps Fertilizer On Tulsa's IDL

Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 10:26 am
By: Joseph Holloway

The Sand Springs exit on the northwest corner of the IDL reopened after more than seven hours after an overturned semi dumped fertilizer all over the road Tuesday morning.

The wreck took place at the westbound exit to Sand Springs where Interstate 244 and Highway 412 split.The Tulsa Fire Department said the truck flipped, spilling thousands of pounds of fertilizer, spanning a few hundred yards.

ODOT said the driver of the semi was going a little too fast around the curve when he overturned.

First responders say this area has a lot of accidents.

"Speeds usually have something involved whenever we have a wreck on this off-ramp," said Capt. Chad Myers. 

Martin Stewart with ODOT said Tuesday's crash isn't the first on that particular exit. 

"Over years and years, this little shoot right here has had some pretty good-sized crashes," Stewart said. 

Firefighters said the fertilizer can be hazardous, especially if it's mixed with diesel fuel.

A hazmat crew had to be called in to clean up the road.

"They can take their crew and actually just suck the product up off the roadway and ensure it's completely remediated," Myers said. 

ODOT said the driver went to the hospital but he's expected to be OK.