Glenpool Man Sentenced To 30 Years For Brutal Attack On Ex-Wife

Monday, April 10th 2017, 7:48 pm
By: News On 6

A Glenpool man is headed to prison after a brutal attack on his ex-wife.

Prosecutors said Joseph Waters nearly killed Jennifer Waters, then assaulted her son and a neighbor who came to her rescue.

Joseph Waters will be leaving the county jail soon, headed to prison for 30 years. Prosecutors said this could've been a triple homicide because Waters loaded the gun and pointed it at his ex-wife and pulled the trigger more than once but it wouldn't go off. 

They said when he realized he couldn't shoot her with it, that's when he beat her with the gun. 

Jennifer Waters was beaten black and blue, needing stitches all over her face and arms, with a finger broken so badly, it needed surgery.

When her son Trevor tried to help her, he received these injuries to his hand and her neighbor also ended up with stitches from being pistol whipped.

"My life's just not the same," Jennifer said. "I have a lot of anxiety, my family life is not the same, we're always on edge."

She had divorced Joseph but said he walked into her Glenpool home a year ago February with a gun, threatening to kill her, her son and her son's friend. Jennifer raced outside.

"I knew if I didn't get him out of the house, he would probably kill all three of us inside," she said. 

She made it to a neighbor's front door and that's when her son and her neighbor tried to save Jennifer from the relentless beating.

"I never thought I'd go into a gunfight with my bare hands," said her son, Trevor Tarpalechee. 

Her neighbor, Veronica Wolf, tried to help Jennifer. 

"I did what I could to help," Wolf said. "I was punching him and kicking him."

Waters didn't speak in court but his attorney said Waters was not a monster. He said he was just a man who did a terrible thing. He asked the judge for a 20-year sentence. The district attorney asked for life. The judge decided on 30 years.

Because most of the crimes Waters was convicted of are 85-percent crimes, it'll be the year 2042 before he's eligible for parole.