Longtime Friends, Union Redskins Commit To OU

Friday, March 31st 2017, 11:43 pm
By: News On 6

As is becoming a custom this time of year, big name programs are getting early commits.

OU is shoring up its 2018 recruiting class with a couple of Union Redskins.

There was no time for Spring Break for Union’s Patrick Fields and Jordan Kelley.

"I was gone all the time, every weekend on visits," Fields said.

Kelley said, "Got to a point I didn't answer the phone, I knew where I was going."

Fields, a Redskins safety, and Kelley, a lineman, both were out impressing multiple college coaches at college campuses.

"You used to play NCAA, you'd have the road to glory and you could pick whatever college you wanted to go to, and I really got to do that in real life," Fields said.

Fields wanted to make a decision soon since he’s on track to graduate from high school in December; his decision was a family favorite, OU, and Kelley, his best friend, was easy to persuade to play in Norman as well.

"It feels good to go someplace where you know somebody. Just somebody you can lean back on." Kelley said. "I was playing O-Line and I was blocking for Patrick, and ever since then we just had that connection."

Fields said, "I talked to Jeff (Mead) and I was debated between TCU and Oklahoma for a long time, and all Jeff said was 'do you want to be okay with losing for four years?”

Fields and Kelley have known each other since fifth grade. Kelley moved to Florida briefly in seventh grade but moved back a year later to be with his friend.

Another thing both men have in common is the fact that their grandparents helped them along the way.

Fields said, "Although I didn't have a father in my life, my grandfather's been very influential. I probably wouldn't be here at this school because we couldn't afford to live here."

"My grandparents took me in and they let me play football, and said whatever you put your mind to, as long as you put some work behind it, you'll get it," Kelley said.

And along with Tre Brown, the future of the OU defense looks to be full of former Redskins.