Owasso Brothers Hope Friend’s Death Serves As Lesson To Others

Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 11:39 pm
By: News On 6

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office confirmed the names of the three teens killed in a home invasion Monday as Jaykob Woodruff, Jacob Redfearn and Max Cook.

Two of the teens killed were enrolled at Owasso High School.

The getaway driver, Elizabeth Rodriguez, will be charged with murder next week. She was arrested after turning herself into Broken Arrow Police.

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Tuesday was a very somber day for many in the Owasso community. People who knew Jaykob Woodruff said they were shocked to learn he was involved in a burglary and were heartbroken at the loss.

Zach Gilbert, a ninth grader, and his brother Jalen Lange were stunned when they learned what happened to their friend. 

"And I saw Zach crying and I told my mom, 'What happened?' and she was like "Jaykob Woodruff was shot and killed,' and I was like was like 'Oh my god,' and then I just started balling," Lange said.

Woodruff, Redfearn and Cook are the three teens who broke into a Wagoner County home. Deputies said the homeowner's son confronted them then shot and killed them.

Marty: "Hard to think that he's gone?"
Lange: "Yeah, very hard."

Both Lange and Gilbert said they never suspected Woodruff would burglarize a home.

Gilbert said, "It doesn't seem like something he would do, but we all make bad decisions at times."

Neither brother were close friends with Cook or Redfearn, but have fond memories of Woodruff.

"He always made us brighten up whenever we were done no matter what," Gilbert said.

They said Woodruff even went out of his way to make Lange laugh after his grandmother passed away.

"And he was like 'Jalen, watch me do a flip.' He actually landed it,” Lange laughed.

Gilbert said he hopes his friend's death can serve as a lesson for others.

"I was thinking, you know, maybe there it's just something we need to learn from, maybe not to do," he said. "He was one of our best friends, but we'll get through it all together."

A vigil is being planned for Friday night at Owasso for the three teens. We will have more information on that later this week.