Human Remains Found By Tulsa ATV Rider

Thursday, March 16th 2017, 6:55 am
By: Dave Davis

Tulsa Police continue to investigate how a person died and how their remains ended up in the woods near Admiral and 145th East Avenue.

Since an ATV rider first found a human skull around 5:00 Wednesday evening, Tulsa Police and the Medical Examiner's Office ended up finding a total of about 12 bones.

Homicide Detective Sergeant Dave Walker walked us back to the site, which is in the middle of the woods.

Walker said a lot of bones were found in a 50-yard radius.

As shocking as it may sound, Walker says this scenario isn’t new to them.

"We've had this before where we've found bones and skulls in the wooded areas where people go off and die naturally," he said.

Based on their condition, police believe the remains have been there since as far back as last summer.

They got a big lead on the identity early in the search by finding documents, including a library card, near the bones.

Those belonged to a Tulsa area man.

And to the search team, their job carries more weight than just collecting evidence.

"We are collecting somebody's child, somebody's parent or somebody. So we have to have reverence for that," Walker said.

Even when police release the person's identity, the Medical Examiner will still confirm the identity through DNA testing.

Police still aren't sure how the person died.