Tulsa Volunteers Drum Up Voter Registrations Prior To Deadline

Friday, October 7th 2016, 11:36 pm
By: News On 6

If you aren't registered to vote, the deadline is only a week away.

The push is on to get as many people registered as possible, and both major parties are working to get people registered for their respective parties. 

Most people think they have to come here to the Election Board or the post office or tag agency to get registered.

Both parties said that's not true at all.

Registering new voters is cause to celebrate.

It's the entire reason the Tulsa County Republicans decked out their state fair booth, complete with a stand-in special guest.

Chris Miller, republican party volunteer, has been at the fair every single day. 

"Nine days. It's my ninth day," Miller said. 

The party said more than 700 people have registered at its booth since the fair started a week and a half ago.

Miller said the fair is an ideal place because it gets a lot of traffic and fairgoers have time to stop and register.

"Life gets busy, and you don't usually think about, 'well, I haven't registered yet,'" Miller said. 

Meanwhile, in downtown Tulsa, thousands of people are out for the First Friday Art Crawl. 

Volunteer Skip Morgan is taking advantage of it.

"Kind of be the fisherman, you know, cast my line, see what I can pull in," Morgan said. 

Morgan is a volunteer whose main goal is to get people to vote.

He was working with the Tulsa Young Democrats Friday night.

He'll be out for hours, even going into bars and clubs." 

"I'm going to try an experiment tonight where I'm just going to roam around the clubs tonight to see if I can get any early clubbers who otherwise would never have seen or had any interest going by a registration booth and see if I can get a few people in that way," Morgan said. 

Morgan even pays out-of-pocket to rent the tents and tables.

"They can make a difference and we just need to get that across to them and get them involved," Morgan said. 

Voter registration forms must be filled out, turned in or postmarked by next Friday.