OSU Football: Cowboys Preview Texas

Tuesday, September 27th 2016, 4:33 pm
By: News On 6

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy and selected members of the Cowboy football team met with media Monday at Boone Pickens Stadium to preview OSU's game against Texas. Some of their comments:

Mike Gundy

Opening statement:

"Back at it and the postgame comments on Baylor were accurate. Unless somebody has any further questions, there wasn't anything that I commented on after the game that wasn't accurate so we got back to work last night preparing for Texas. They're very similar to what we've seen in the past. A lot of their guys up front are strong and they have a lot of speed on the perimeter. They've gone to a style of offense that a lot of people are going to, so it'll be two weeks in a row that we've seen that style of offense. The young quarterback seems to be throwing the ball very well, accurately and seems to be a good fit for them. The big guy that they've had the last few years has done a really good job for them in certain situations. Our team's frame of mind is really good and we had a good practice last night. There's a lot of game-planning this afternoon and we'll get back after it tomorrow."

On his impressions of Shane Buechele:

"He's a really good player and seems to fit the system that they're trying to execute. He's very accurate, mobile and has a strong arm. He throws the ball like a baseball player."

On the physicality of Texas:

"They've been this way every year. In the years they've won a lot of games, even going back to when Coach (Mack) Brown was there. The personnel that they play with is very rarely undersized at any position. They're 300-pound guys that move well and that's the situation that we're facing this week."

On the Texas running backs and Tyrone Swoopes:

"You have to account for (Swoopes) when he is in the game and I would venture to guess that they have packages where he shows run and then passes it. They've had physical backs. It's not anything new for them. A very similar team to what they've had in the past eight to 10 years."

On how James Washington has handled being in double coverage:

"He's done well. Baylor planned for it and obviously Coach (Phil) Bennett understood it and James' ability. They tracked him throughout the game and there were times that underneath players turned their backs and chased him. He's going to start to see some coverages, and if so, we have to be able to run the football."

Offensive Coordinator Mike Yurcich

On the Texas defense:

"They're very well coached. They have six returning starters so they have experience and some talent. They can rush the passer very well and they're doing pretty well in the sack category. They have a lot of different fronts, a lot of different coverages, different blitz packages as well and they do a lot of things to disguise their looks. It's a challenge going against Texas and everything that they do, so you have to be able to prepare your guys and make sure your package is complete against every situation and every look you're going to get."

On the challenge of playing a team after a bye week:

"They've been a little bit different. They'll have a blitz of the week or a package of the week and they'll scheme you based on the game plan. That's what they've shown in the past. You have to be able to anticipate that, look at last year's film and see how they defended us and pick up on things we could do better, and also it's very important to have flexibility within the game plan. To be able to adjust on the run and recognize, communicate the necessary adjustments is really key."

On the Longhorn's front seven:

"They are very good at defending the inside run. They're stout up front and their structures and fronts take away a lot of inside runs, whether they are gap schemes or zones. They do a great job from the interior standpoint and where they've been hurt is the outside run, but when you get them stretched, it's time to attack them on the inside. You can't be exclusive or have one-dimensional-type runs."

Defensive Coordinator Glenn Spencer

On the defensive fourth-down stop on Baylor:

"I'm proud of them for that. Our guys had their pads down, knocked them backward and tackled. They treated it like it was on the other side of the field. That was a tremendous opportunity for us. The guys capitalized on it. It was a nice down."

On Texas:

"The biggest thing I've gotten from the film is that this is the most physical Texas team I've seen since I've been here. The way the running backs run and the blocking schemes, when they decide they want to run the power, or they run a counter, which is another way to run the power, they are really blocking well. They are finishing and the running backs are 245-250 pounds, so they're two of the strongest running backs our guys will probably face, and they aren't looking to go down. They want to put the shoulder down and go through you."

On the Longhorn's offensive balance:

"They have the talent to do both. They can run the ball effectively and we all know the Baylor similarities to those schemes. If you give them some single looks, they'll take some shots at you, too. It makes them a tough team to game plan for when they can run it like they can."

On the demeanor after the Baylor game:

"It was just time to go to work. Just like after that Central Michigan game, it was time to go to work. Sundays are tough after losses and they better be. If not, you've got a problem. Today it's been all game plan for Texas. Kids have been watching tape on their own and they're getting dialed in."

Quarterback Mason Rudolph

On the Cowboy backs:

"Each week there's different ways we're going to utilize those guys. There's a lot of ways we can use Veatch, Jarwin, Frazier and Abbott. They have tremendous blocking ability and then they can catch the ball. Those guys have been great for us, and they're going to continue to improve. Hopefully, we can continue to get the ball in their hands."

On if Baylor did anything he didn't see in film:

"Not really. I think we kind of knew they were going to play coverage and that we were going to have to run the ball well, and that's what we did. We pounded it for over 200 yards and did an awesome job of switching up our usual attack. It helped us be more balance, and we just have to finish those drives off better with points and have better ball security. But yes, we knew what we were going to get from those guys."

On dominating the clock against Baylor:

"Time of possession was in our favor very much so. Like I said, the turnovers killed us, but as long as we keep managing the clock and moving the ball well down the field, I think we're going to put ourselves in a great situation."

On the Texas defense:

"They're a great defense. They run well in space, and they're very physical, so I think it will be a great test for our guys. I think we're up to the challenge, and I can't wait to get out there and lead this offense up and down the field."

Linebacker Jordan Burton

On his senior year so far:

"Despite our record, I think we as a team have grown a lot closer. I think we're a better unit, and it's more of a brotherhood. Despite our record, that's one of the best things we've had come out of it. It'll get better."

On if the close losses are frustrating or motivational:

"You can take it either way. We try to look at the positives. We're a couple of plays from being 4-0 but that also says we have a lot of potential that we can fulfill. We still haven't played up to our best football, so that's exciting to look forward to."

On if he wants to go to the NFL next year:

"That's kind of the goal in the back of my mind, but as of right now, just where I am with this team, these guys and this coaching staff, my biggest goal right now is to win a Big 12 Championship and hopefully get to the playoff."

Wide Receiver Jhajuan Seales

On Saturday's game against Texas:

"We've been watching film and had a good practice yesterday. We came in with the mindset that we're ready to work and execute our plays."

On the secret to going on the road:

"On the road, you have a lot of adversity. We're rolling with 70 people deep, so the fans that come with us help. Everyone in the locker room has to keep each other up and go on the field and try and get the win."

On what he remembers most about the Texas game last year:

"The winning kick from Ben Grogan, and how we came out and started fast. Our offensive scored well, and our defense had a three-and-out the first drive, so that was something big for us, and it kept us going in the game."

On what all is involved in winning road games like they did last year:

"Our up tempo offense. Most teams are first through third quarter teams. The conditioning we do with Coach Glass keeps us running in the fourth quarter."

Wide Receiver Jalen McCleskey

On getting the ball:

"Yeah, you always have to stay focused, just run your route. Because, even if you aren't the one getting the ball, you can open up somebody else. So just knowing your name can be called any play, you just have to stay prepared and know what's going on."

On the Texas defensive backs:

"We started watching film on them a little bit. They have some good athletes back there, but we know the coaches are going to give us a great game plan and we just have to go execute that."

On getting single coverage because they are doubling Washington:

"You can't double-cover everybody. So when we see them rotate to James, you just have to know you have to win because you have one-on-one coverage."

On the key ingredients of winning on the road:

"Just to keep fighting, never give up, no matter what is happening. Just always think good; no matter what's happening, keep fighting."

 Safety Tre Flowers

On what he thinks of Texas so far this season:

"I noticed that they are running the ball real hard. I noticed their two quarterbacks. Swoopes has been in the game a long time and (Shane Buechele), he doesn't play like a freshman at all. They are a real good team and they can run the ball, and they are going to try and throw the ball. They are a good team."

On the challenge the Texas running backs present:

"They are really big. Big and physical guys. It's going to be a tackling thing and I know we can do it."

On the Baylor game:

"We can't beat ourselves. We are in conference play, and no matter what people say, the Big 12 is a powerful conference. We have to get turnovers to give our offense more chances."

On the importance of this game in the Big 12:

"It's a sense of urgency with every game. The Big 12 is up for grabs, and everyone seems very balanced. It's up to someone to take a step forward."