Funeral Attendees Hope Crutcher's Death Wasn't In Vain

Saturday, September 24th 2016, 8:44 pm
By: News On 6

Hundreds of people converged on Antioch Baptist Church Saturday to pay their final respects to Terence Crutcher. 

A common thought from people from funeral attendees was that they praised the City of Tulsa's peaceful response, and although today's funeral marks the end of one chapter, they say the push for change should keep going.

They also said they hope Crutcher's death isn't in vain.

For friends and family of Terence Crutcher, today is a day of sadness topped with  an even longer list of emotions.

"Right now my emotions are a little but all over the place a little sad a little anger just uncertain of what's happening between the people and police officers," said family friend Stacy Buchanan.

The pain from the shooting and week of protests, vigils and prayers still weigh heavy on friends and the community. They hope being able to mourn with other people experiencing similar grief will help ease the pain.

"It is my hope they will learn from his life and death and his living was not in vain," said community member Diana Cooper- Russell. 

Stacy and Tracy Buchanan have been friends with Tiffany Crutcher since middle school. 

With all the media attention, they said they admire her strength and poise.

"To be proud of someone in a situation like this is not ideal waking up is so surreal but proud at her strength she is showing. We are twins and to lose someone you've been on this earth with is unimaginable," Tracy Buchanan said. 

With that admiration comes  a desire to keep fighting for a change between community, police and city government.

"We have to recognize that though policies change the people who enforce them also have to change," said Arlando Jasper.

People came in droves to the church, which is located at 110 West 56th Street North. The parking lot filled quickly and people arrived early to try to get a seat in the church, which seats 700 people.

People attending the funeral of Terence Crutcher said it's been a long week of mourning and they said they are looking forward to fellowship info with each other as they work to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. 

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While many are grieving, they said are also hoping this funeral continues to spark protest and conversations about ways to make the community and police relations better. 

Friends of the family say it's been tough for them but are amaze at the strength the Crutcher family has shown.