TPS Increasing Security Following Shooting At McLain Stadium

Friday, September 9th 2016, 7:24 pm
By: Emory Bryan

In response to a shooting a McLain’s stadium, Tulsa Public Schools is adding security for the big crowd expected at the McLain Homecoming game.

The excitement was building outside McLain as students staged a parade for homecoming. But all day, the stadium has been empty with security checking to make sure nothing dangerous was left inside.

TPS Deputy Chief Mathias Wicks said, “Clearing out the area, making sure things are clear and clean.”

Wicks said, along with the security sweep, more officers will be around.

“We're going to have security there that's active, mobile, visible,” he said.

But they're really counting on fans and students, hoping if they see something they'll say something.

The deputy chief said, "I strongly believe in a community effort. It takes police and community, together, to secure any kind of event."

Last week, a ninth-grader took a gun into the stadium and shot an eighth grader after an argument.

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The district plans to have more people watching people come in, but does not plan full searches.

The added security force and the pre-game sweep will happen at all five TPS stadiums.

TPS Athletic Director, Gil Cloud said, “It's important because of the size of the crowd that we increase that, and we'll look at the crowds for each stadium and determine what the needs for security will be.”

The district plans to use more TPD officers along with their own school officers and security guards for every school and every game.