Woman Suspected Of Forging Doctor's Note To Get Boyfriend Out Of Jail

Thursday, September 1st 2016, 11:16 pm
By: News On 6

A Rogers County woman's attempt to get her boyfriend out of jail got her arrested.

Rogers County sheriff, Scott Walton says the woman tried to trick the jail and failed; but, he said it’s one of the more creative frauds he's seen – faking a note from a doctor.

Kay Abney is charged with lying to the Rogers County jail.

"She went to great pains to document the fact that she committed a crime," Walton said.

Abney's boyfriend, Patrick LaBranche, was booked into jail in February for driving without a license and trafficking illegal drugs.

The jail knows him well.

Walton said, "No stranger to the Rogers County Sheriff's Department, Rogers County jail. What I would refer to as a parasite to the community, as I would say, both of them are."

Walton said Abney started hounding the jail for months about her boyfriend's medical condition, saying staffers weren't giving him proper care.

Until the sheriff said Abney faxed over a letter which, at first glance, looks like it's from a Utica Park Clinic doctor named Carl Smith.

The letter states, "It is my professional and medical opinion that the environment [...] will lead to Mr. LaBranche to have more medical problems that can not be reversed he will get worse and die."

But after doing its homework, the sheriff's office got a letter from the real Dr. Carl Smith, who said he's never seen that patient before.

He said, "This letter [...] is a forged instrument and did not come from my office."

Abney said the letter didn't come from her.

Abney: "I received a letter in the mail. It came. I have the envelope and everything."
Walton: "Who was that from?"
Abney: "Hillcrest Hospital."
Walton: "Okay."

She's charged with forgery and conspiracy to commit a felony.
Walton said it is highly likely Abney will face more charges.

She bonded out, but LaBranche is still in jail.