Daughters Help Mother During Diabetic Attack, Reunite With First Responders

Monday, August 29th 2016, 6:11 pm
By: News On 6

Angie Brown had a diabetic attack, and when she woke up, her house was full of EMSA, fire and police.

Her two daughters – ages six and five – had called 911 and that saved Brown’s life.

Monday, EMSA medics, fire crews from stations 19 and 24 and Tulsa police responded to the call from 6-year-old Lexi Brown, and Monday was a reunion.

Lexi called 911 and spoke to EMSA 911 dispatcher, Derrick Baird.

Baird: "Put your hands in front of her nose and mouth and tell me if you feel any breath coming in and out."
Lexi: "She's breathing."
Baird: "Good she's breathing."

"They did everything exactly correct. They were great," Baird said Monday.

EMSA paramedic, Dave Brownell said, "We got here, the girls had put away all the pets, lead us to mom, and told us her blood sugar was low, so we had a basis to go off of."

"These are the calls that make a difference for us," said Captain Tim Lopez with the Tulsa Fire Department.

They don't always end in big happy hugs, but Lexi and Eva knew what to do and did it.

"I always thought superheroes wore capes," Brown said.

But sometimes they wear uniforms. And sometimes they wear play clothes and love to chew bubble gum.

"We were supposed to call 911 'cause that's the only mom we have, 'cause she's the best mom ever," Lexi said.

Superheroes are everywhere.

This family knew there could be a medical problem like this and had 911 rehearsals with the girls just in case, and it worked.