Broken Arrow HS Seniors Leave Their Mark On The Concrete

Sunday, August 28th 2016, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6

When you attend one of the largest high schools in the country, parking can be a challenge. 

For a select group of Broken Arrow High School seniors, parking won't be a problem. Some students were able to create works of art on the concrete.

The American flag, this scripture and more show how this group of Broken Arrow seniors are making these empty parking spots their own.

"It's a lot of fun because you have your own ideas and get to be out here with your friends and make memories. It's awesome," student Mollie Nance said.

Class of 2017 is leaving its mark. This is creative freedom no class has had before. 

It's a boost to senior morale and the start of what some hope will be a long tradition.

"It's really special for me to be a part of something the younger class will look up to. It really gets them excited for their senior year," student Gracie Basinger said.

At $35 a spot, the school expects to raise about $10,000. 

The money will go back to the seniors. It'll pay for the annual Project Graduation all night celebration.

"It's been a very positive experience. The first time you do anything you're gonna learn a lot, and we've learned a little but it's been really smooth but the credit goes to our students on that," said Jason Jedanski, Broken Arrow High School student life director.

For several hours students kneeled and sat on the hot concrete with paint and brushes, just to create these masterpieces.

"I really like to paint, so it was a big deal for me to be able to paint whatever I want on my spot," Gracie said.

But before paint could touch the ground, designs needed approval to make sure they were appropriate.

For these seniors, it's a small thing to ask.

"I'm excited to just be able to pull up into my own spot this year," student Kylie Ray said.