GRDA Promotes Use Of Proper Life Jackets

Thursday, July 21st 2016, 10:19 pm
By: News On 6

The Grand River Dam Authority has worked seven drownings so far this summer.

Two people drowned on Grand Lake, two on Lake Hudson and three on the Illinois River.

Chief Brian Edwards hopes everyone looks at those numbers and gets fitted with a proper life jacket.

“If a life jacket is riding up on your chin, it's too big,” Edwards explained. “Go get the next size smaller."

He says boaters and floaters need to have life jackets ready at any moment.

“[Certain] life jackets will flip you back over if you're in the water and right you with your head out of the water,” he stated.

Every weekend, Oklahomans flock to the GRDA's lakes and rivers.

On most holidays, the GRDA lake region becomes one of the most populated areas in the state.

Halfway through the summer, this is not the meeting police want to have.            

“We are definitely having more water-related incidents than we normally have; we're out in force,” said Edwards. “The place is popular. We've got huge crowds, so everything multiplies. But a simple life jacket can prevent this.”

He wants to make sure everyone who gets in the water is wearing one.

“It's not a matter if you're going to fall in, it's a matter of when,” he added. “And you have to be prepared for the when.”

“If you've got your life jackets stowed, if they're under the seats or under the floorboards, that does not count," said Edwards.

GRDA wants to make sure everyone also has a whistle handy as well.