Police Release Name In Broken Arrow Heat-Related Death

Tuesday, July 19th 2016, 11:44 am
By: News On 6

Broken Arrow Police release the name of a 60-year-old man they likely died after doing yard work Monday.

Police said they believe James Eddy died from a heat-related illness.

Like many people across Green Country, Eddy was cleaning up branches and trees knocked over by last week's storm.

He didn't just have a few branches to clean up in his Broken Arrow yard - the wind uprooted a huge tree. Monday night he was trying to clean it up, when neighbors found him face down, behind debris, without a pulse.

Neighbor Art VanHolt said, "Known him for quite a while; him and his family - Colin, his wife, nice people. You just never know."

Although Eddy didn't live there anymore, he owned the house and rented it.

Foul play has been ruled out, which leaves police to believe he died from a heat-related illness.

Corporal Leon Calhoun said, "It can sneak up on you, and, before you know it, show signs of heat exhaustion and just get worse from there.”

VanHolt said it looked like Eddy was trying to fill the hole the uprooted tree left behind.

"That was very vigorous what he was doing, and super-hot," he said.

It's a tragic reminder for everyone to stay hydrated, take breaks and be extra cautious in the heat.

First responders are even more concerned than usual because so many people who don't normally do much yardwork are spending hours outside.

VanHolt said, "The older you get, the worst it gets for you, but people still go out and do it."

The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of Eddy’s death.