Rogers County Mounted Patrol Making The Rounds At Lake Oologah

Monday, July 4th 2016, 3:17 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol is out at Lake Oologah after a woman and her kids say they were attacked last week for no reason. Deputies are out on the 4th of July holiday weekend in direct response to last week's attack. 

They said another group of people were also confronted over the weekend.

Hundreds of people are out at the lake for Independence Day, and the mounted patrol says it is making the rounds at the campgrounds, keeping an eye out for trouble.  Major Coy Jenkins said the two main things they're looking for are people who might be intoxicated and keeping an eye out for kids who might be wandering away from their parents. 

The four-person, four-horse team, along with a deputy on an ATV, are also visiting with families out enjoying the holiday. 

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Jenkins says aside from the practical side of having a horse out in the terrain, approaching people on a horse instead of from a patrol car, makes a difference in their interactions out here at the lake. 

"When you bring a horse into the public there is a close bonding relationship between us and the people we're talking to," he said. "We can get people up here to pet our horses and talk to us, and they go, 'oh by the way, I've got a question.' Or it gives us a chance to ask them a question about what's going on." 

The mounted patrol says even though there have been two recent incidents, this is still a safe place be. But if you see something or feel like you're not safe you're asked to call 911.