Judges Rule For Temporary Dress Code Change At Tulsa County Courthouse

Friday, June 24th 2016, 10:50 pm
By: News On 6

The oppressive June heat is prompting the Tulsa County Courthouse to change its dress code.

With temperatures in the 90s for weeks, and the heat index climbing into the triple digits, the chance of getting overheated is going up. Just Wednesday, a woman died during the Pawhuska Mormon Pioneer Trek from a possible heat stroke.

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EMSA has issued repeated warnings, reminding folks to be cautious; the warning prompting a decision from judges at the Tulsa county Courthouse, voting to amend the dress code for the remainder of the summer.

Attorney Scott Wood said, "In light of the temperatures, I can see why they did what they did."

While you won't be seeing any attorneys walking through the halls in a Hawaiian T-shirt and shorts, the changes will let them forgo the typical suit and tie. The temporary adjustment allows attorneys to wear a more business casual look for their day to day appearances, without having to don long sleeve suit jackets, blazers and dress pants.

The rule, however, does not cover jury trials; attorneys will still have to go by the normal dress code.

Still, the attorneys we spoke with say any little bit helps.

"Sometimes, when you're very uncomfortable, physically, it detracts from what you're doing and may interfere with the representation of your client. So, I think it was very thoughtful of the judges to do what they did," Wood said.

Some attorneys said they feel better showing up in a suit, but most agreed it's not something worth getting sick over.

The temporary dress code lasts through Labor Day weekend.