Police: Husband Stops Tulsa Home Robbery Attempt

Friday, June 24th 2016, 11:18 am
By: Dave Davis

Police say a man posing as a utility worker assaulted a woman in her Tulsa home after telling her that he was there to shut off her water.

Homeowner Kenneth King had strong words for the person he said tried to tie up his wife, Jennifer.

"For you out there right now. I know what you look like and I can pick you out from a lineup. Your days are numbered," he said.

Friday morning, at a house on Mohawk Boulevard near Highway 75, police say a man claiming to be from an agency called UTS, dressed in a bright orange shirt, vest and construction hat, came up to the King's door saying he was there to shut their water off.

When he tried to hand Jennifer King a paper, she opened the door and said he pointed a gun at her.

"He said ‘get on the ground’ and so I backed up, said ‘yes sir’ and laid down on the ground," she said.

She said the man made her roll over and started tying her wrist.

"He put the gun away. The minute he went to start tying my wrist I screamed for my husband and I started to fight back," Jennifer said.

Ken said, "I was getting ready to find out whatever the problem was and get it resolved one way or the other."

Police say the man ran off.

Jennifer said she learned a lesson.

“Don't open the door for anybody you don't know. I…you don't see anything that says where they're from or any kind of logo, any kind of ID, do not open that door," she said.

Police recommend asking people at your door who claim to be utility workers for a contact number to their office to confirm if any work is scheduled for your house.

They say don't open the door before you get an answer.