Bald Eagle Released To Wild After Rescue In Downtown Tulsa

Sunday, June 19th 2016, 11:09 am
By: Amy Slanchik

A bald eagle returned to the wild after it was found in downtown Tulsa earlier this month. The Tulsa Police officer who helped rescue the juvenile bird released the eagle from the west side of the Arkansas River.

It took about a week for the Tulsa Zoo animal health staff to do some testing and nurse the eagle back to health, then it was ready to fly out into the wild Sunday morning.

The bird was discovered on a sidewalk near the Guthrie Green on June 9th, captured and taken to the Tulsa Zoo. It was thin and dehydrated, but the zoo says X-rays didn't show any sign of fractures, despite possibly flying into a structure.

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Testing did indicate muscle damage, but the eagle has made a full recovery, according to Tulsa Zoo veterinary Dr. Kay Backues.

The bird is thought to be around two years old, and the zoo says bald eagles don't get their famous white head and tail feathers until they're about five years old. 
Tulsa Police Officer J.D.Pyatt released the eagle into the wild, and he said it was a humbling experience to feel the power and return her to the skies.

He's relieved the bird won't have to spend her life in captivity.

Pyatt helped zoo staff capture the eagle when it was first found downtown.