BA Teen Recovering From Hit-And-Run; Police Looking For Driver

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 5:50 pm
By: Tess Maune

Broken Arrow police are looking for the woman who hit a teenager with her SUV then drove away. It happened at the intersection of Elm and Broadway.

The boy and his mother hope the woman comes forward.

With his legs wrapped up, 15-year-old Bryce Beahm is resting.

“I'm very lucky I'm alive,” he said.

It's been just 24 hours since an SUV hit the teen as he crossed the street on his bike.

The bike is now banged up and missing the front wheel.

The driver of the SUV is nowhere to be found.

“She left my son for dead,” Beahm’s mother, Samantha Henry, said. “My heart dropped out of my chest.”

Henry said the driver opened her door, looked at her son, then left.

“She had to have known he was hurt before she drove off,” she said.

Beahm said the pedestrian signal showed it was safe to cross. He said he was about mid-way through the crosswalk with the SUV turned and hit him.

The teenager said he was thrown several feet from his bike.

“All I remember is my tire, it just flew off and I hit the ground,” Beahm said.

The impact caused spine swelling and deep muscle bruises on both legs.

He’s still getting around, just a little slower than usual, and has several questions.

“I just want to know what's going through her mind. Like, what she thought after she left me there,” Beahm said.

And his mom wants to know the same.

“Someone's gonna know, and I hope someone turns her in. And if not, I hope her conscious is eating her alive. I hope she sees my son's face every minute until she turns herself in,” said Henry.

A witness said the woman who hit Beahm was driving a black RAV4. The teen said the SUV had a mirrored OU plate on the front.