Broken Arrow Teen Injured After Sand Collapses On Florida Beach

Thursday, June 9th 2016, 1:20 pm
By: Tess Maune

A Broken Arrow teenager is on life support after a sand cave collapsed on him. The 17-year-old’s family said he was on a beach in Florida when it happened.

Emergency responders say Travor Brown had created a big tunnel shaped like a 'W" - his sister said Brown is a free spirit, and that sounds just like her brother.

"He had a way of brightening everybody's day, everybody's world. It didn't matter who you were," his sister, SeLeanna Coffe said.

Brown is an artistic, charismatic 17-year-old about to start his senior year at Broken Arrow. After that, his family said Brown is set to pursue a modeling career.

"His plan before he got a modeling contract, he wanted to be a traveling musician - just buy a van, travel the world and play his guitar everywhere," Coffe said.

His sister said he may still do that, but summer break came first.

The teen went to Panama City Beach in Florida this week with a friend and his friend's family.

Wednesday, while at St. Andrews State Park, Brown had reportedly built several holes in a sandbank.

“He was doing the same thing he that he always does. That's how Travor is,” Coffe said. "You could be off sitting over here doing your thing thinking, 'why's he doing that?' He has his own idea of fun."

Emergency responders said a sand tunnel collapsed on Brown. He was trapped without oxygen, but it's unclear for how long. Strangers worked tirelessly to pull him out.

“We saw a bunch of people come over here and gather 'round and start digging," one witness said.

Witnesses said medics worked to revive the teenager for 20 minutes. 

One person said, "It was like really stressful because they were all trying to save him...and we really didn't know how it was gonna end up.

The question of how it's going to end up is what's weighing heavy on his family's heart.

Brown’s uncle, Chazz Brummett said, “We just gotta pray and keep it in the hands of The Lord.”

The family said Brown hasn't shown any signs of improvement since getting to a hospital Wednesday.

His parents are now by his side.

A fundraising site has been established for the teen.