One Person Injured In Tulsa Shooting; Police Searching For Suspect

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 8:34 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A shooting in west Tulsa left a man with critical injuries and police are looking for the man who fired the shots.

The victim was hit at least a couple of times in the chest, but witnesses said they heard at least a dozen shots fired in the middle of the Western Pines Apartments.

The man, who police say is about 30 years old, fell right where witnesses said he was shot - steps from an apartment with children and not far from more children playing outside.

“I heard gunshots, I looked out, I saw a man drop to the ground,” said witness Ethel St. John.

St. John said she ran out to get her children from the playground and came face to face with the shooter.

“There was like 15 shots. I don't think I'm adding shots to it,” she said. "We all met, and he didn't shoot us," she said.

The police said the man was hit at least twice in the chest. He was treated briefly at the scene but was quickly taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police looking for evidence in the grass found multiple shell casings, but little else.

The suspect fled right after the shots. He left the parking lot in a burgundy-colored four-door car - possibly an Impala - and headed west on 23rd Street.

St. John saw the man run off and immediately regretted her split second decision when she heard the shots.

“At the time, I was screaming ‘get in the house,’ and what I should have been screaming is ‘drop.’  I should have been screaming ‘drop, drop. Just drop,’” she said.

Officers ask anyone with information to call the police.