OHP: 19-Month-Old Child Dies After Tulsa Crash

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 6:33 pm
By: News On 6

A baby boy died in the hospital after he and his family were involved in a car crash at West 21st Street and South 49th West Avenue near Chandler Park.

Officials said by the time they arrived several bystanders were giving the 19-month-old baby CPR. Firefighters kept it going all the way to the hospital where that toddler died.

Authorities said the little boy was sitting a car seat in the rear passenger seat, but they said the collision's impact was too great.

The driver of a pick-up truck slammed into their car and the toddler suffered a head injury.

Bystanders gave the boy CPR, but investigators said the boy may have choked to death because he was eating at the time.

Berryhill Fire Chief Michael Hall and his crew took turns giving him CPR. Hall said this is not the first deadly crash on the road.

"I'd like to tell you this is going to be the last one, I really hope that it is, but I don't feel safe saying that," he said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers said the sedan carrying the boy and his parents turned left to go south on 49th. The driver didn't see the oncoming pickup truck which T-boned the family's Chevy Malibu.

"I don't know what you can do, but he's got to deal with that for the rest of his life, so – unfortunate," Hall said.

It's the first infant death for a few of the Berryhill firefighters, but the chief knows time and experience doesn't make it any easier.

"Unfortunately, it's trial by fire sometimes in this industry, but we'll thoroughly debrief them tonight, we'll talk about it. We'll try to find something to laugh about tomorrow, we'll try to find some way to eat tonight. I mean, it's just what you do," Hall said.

Authorities said the boy's father, who was sitting in the passenger seat, hurt his arm in the crash.

The driver of the truck was not hurt; in fact, he was trying to help the family with their injuries.