Tulsa Man Booked For Burglarizing Elementary School

Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 9:45 am
By: Dee Duren

A Tulsa man caught breaking into an elementary school led police on quite a foot chase, according to an arrest report. Officers say Richard Thomas Cartwright broke into Celia Clinton Elementary School at 1740 North Harvard Avenue overnight Tuesday.

Police searched for Cartwright in the school then followed an access point in the roof. They spotted him on the roof, but he jumped off and began to run north.

"The suspect jumped multiple fences and was hiding in dense shrubbery when officers located the suspect," an arrest report states. Cartwright was covered in mud and bleeding from cuts to his face when police caught up with him, the report states.

On EMSA's advice, they took him to the hospital for stitches before booking him into jail.

He has previous felony charges in Oklahoma County, the arrest report states. The 45-year-old man was booked on complaints of second-degree burglary and resisting arrest.