Muskogee County Cracks Down On Domestic Violence

Friday, May 13th 2016, 1:45 pm
By: News On 6

Thirty-eight domestic violence suspects are behind bars after a year-long initiative to crack down on the crime in Muskogee County.

Agencies said Operation Purple Rain was an important success.

“Well, I think domestic violence is a problem everywhere and we recognize that," said District Attorney Orvil Loge. “As long as the origination of that charge came from a domestic violence call and, ultimately, the warrant was issued, we executed."

He said he's proud of the operations' success.

Loge’s office received a federal grant to help crack down on domestic violence more than a year ago. That allowed him to hire a special prosecutor and investigator who ended up issuing 60 warrants, even on the most difficult cases.

Loge said, “If the victim does not want to prosecute, requests a dismissal or doesn't want to show up for a subpoena, that we still collect the evidence in these cases to go forward."

Of those 38 arrests, many had previous convictions that included domestic violence.

And, already, many of those arrested are going through the justice system, like Chester Creller who pleaded guilty to kidnapping, domestic abuse in the presence of a child and assault and battery just last week.

While Loge called the operation successful, he said they won’t stop cracking down on domestic violence.