'All Day Breakfast' Leads To Expansion For Tulsa's Bama Pies

Wednesday, May 4th 2016, 11:03 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa-based Bama Foods plans to expand, adding a $30 million production line and creating new jobs.

Bama's expansion at the Cherokee Industrial Park will add a 50,000 square foot building to the plant they have, and they'll need 50 new employees to work the line.

The company has 1,100 employees now, and four distinct sites in Tulsa, that all grew out of the original 1935 factory at 11th and Delaware.

In an exclusive interview, company CEO Paula Marshall said it's the first U.S. expansion for Bama since the mid-1990s and the first new product line with McDonald’s since biscuits were added in 1992.

“We have to buy some new equipment, about $30 million of equipment. And the expansion costs some money, but we're really happy about the new jobs,” Marshall said.

The addition will add onto the Bama Foods biscuit plant, which makes four million biscuits a day for McDonald’s.

The company's other divisions in Tulsa makes crusts for Pizza Hut and pies for McDonalds - that's Bama's biggest customer.

The success of the "All Day Breakfast" menu, according to Marshall, opened up the chance for a new contract to start making hotcakes.

“We believe in McDonald’s, and we believe in All Day Breakfast. We think it's the right thing for the consumer, and everybody loves biscuits; so we'll be adding more biscuits and adding hotcakes, so quite a bit of the baked goods at McDonald’s will be coming from Bama,” Marshall said.

Bama has the benefit of a central location in the country which allows them to ship products quickly nationwide.

Bama will start building immediately after a ribbon cutting Thursday to kick off their expansion. The company hopes to open the building in January and produce 1.5 million cases of hotcakes each year.

It's going to take some time to build the new building and get the line running, but once it's done, next year, the hotcakes for McDonald’s all over the country will come from right here in Tulsa.