Juror In Bob Bates Trial Talks About Deliberations

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 7:02 pm
By: News On 6

A juror who served on the Bob Bates manslaughter trial said it was an emotional case. She said jurors talked a lot before deciding Bates was guilty of the shooting death of Eric Harris.

Lori: "Can I ask you what you thought of the defense that it wasn't the bullet that killed him?"
Juror: "We sat in the jury room and talked about that pretty thoroughly and we came to the conclusion the bullet had something to do with it. We realized he had meth and other drugs in his system and feel like the bullet is what caused his death."

The juror said she and the other jurors took their responsibility very seriously.

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Lori: "How much of a discussion was the punishment?"
Juror: "That was quite a discussion, and I think the jury was very thoughtful and conscientious in this decision. And it didn't take long for it to be a unanimous decision to give the max of four years."

Lori: "Did his age play a role in the discussion?"
Juror: "We were told that shouldn't come into our decision making or discussion, and if someone did bring it up, we immediately told that person we cannot talk about that or include that."

Lori: "Was race ever an issue for you guys?"
Juror: "No; not a bit, not a bit. It wasn't even brought up."

Lori: "What were your emotions when you went home last night?"
Juror: "I really felt there wasn't any winner in this. I was sad for both sides and I'm just sad the whole thing happened, but, I was relieved it was over and I'm going to try to get on with my everyday life now."

Bates is being held in solitary at the jail. They say they do that for anyone who's been involved in the law enforcement.

We won't know which prison he'll go to until after his sentencing on May 31st.

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Lori Fullbright's Interview Transcript With Bob Bates Juror: