Jenks Elementary Students Excited About Tulsa's 'Gathering Place'

Tuesday, April 26th 2016, 5:38 pm
By: Emory Bryan

An inflatable theater will give children a sense of what's coming with The Gathering Place.

Tuesday, it is at Jenks East Elementary, with fourth-grade students of Victoria Perez.

"The kids have been exploring what the gathering place is and when it's going to be available, and now we have a real-life challenge for them,” said Perez. “They have to create a model bridge."

While the real Gathering Place is under construction, school children are using it to inspire their studies, the very beginning of what's planned to be a curriculum connected to the park.

"They're designing and building; they're creating and collaborating,” explained Perez. “It's a fun project for them."

Children see more fun than projects in what's coming to the gathering place.

Fourth graders like Chloe look forward to the swings on a hilltop.

“There's a soccer field, a basketball court, slides, mist mountain, a bunch of stuff,” said another student named Arya.

Haley says, "It's going to be a big fun park for kids and grownups."

And Braden just can't believe something so remarkable is being given to the children at Jenks East and children all over Tulsa.

They'll be racing into the real Gathering Place in a year and a half.

Jenks students will be some of the first children to visit the Gathering Place construction site.

They'll get a drive-thru tour Wednesday.