Storm Tosses Tank Battery Near Drumright

Monday, April 11th 2016, 2:55 pm
By: Tess Maune

It had all the makings of a damaging storm.

“Windows rattled,” Jennifer Hoggatt said. “He dove in the floor.”

And it had the sounds common during a tornado.

“It was from a distance and it just was getting louder and louder and that's when I woke up my wife and said, 'hey, hit the floor,’” Heath Hoggatt said.

“It sounded like an airplane coming in, landing on our house,” Jennifer said.

The storm pulled off part of Jennifer and Hoggatts metal roof -- exposing the shingles still underneath.

It also snapped and uprooted some trees.

“It was really fast, which I'm thankful for, but we did realize how bad it was until we woke up,” Jennifer said.

When the sun came up - they found a tank battery had been carried across their field and flipped on its side.

It's empty, but the Hoggatts say it still weighs about 5,000 pounds.

“It wasn't wind,” Heath said. “It had to be a tornado.

“Not just wind, in my mind, I don't think wind could do what it did,” Jennifer said.    

The wind also knocked over a smaller tank battery and tore apart a metal shed, which had been anchored by concrete buried 4 feet in the ground.

The storm ripped out the concrete and tossed it and the building about a 100 yards.

No damage is good, but this is the kind the Hoggatts can live with;  they're OK -- and so are their outside dogs. All they want is to know what exactly came blew through their land early Monday Morning.

“Was it straight-line winds or was it a tornado?” Heath said. “We just kind of want a definite answer instead of us guessing, us thinking the worst.

The National Weather Service is the agency to determine if it was more than a severe thunderstorm. We let the experts with the NWS know what happened, and they said they'd look into and possibly come check it out in person.