Keystone Lake Tornado Victims Look Back On Grim Anniversary

Saturday, March 19th 2016, 9:52 pm
By: News On 6

Some families are preparing for a grim anniversary.

It's been almost a year since a tornado ripped through the Keystone Lake area.

Destruction is what was left behind moments after the March 25th tornado touched down.

"It didn't really seem like much but it started to grow and grow and it picked up water from the lake it was kind of like a water spout,” Pat Daly said.

By then, the power was out and water was leaking through the walls of the Daly home.

They knew the storm was coming, but wanted to wait it out.

They quickly learned that attempting to save furniture was futile and unwise.

"I heard this loud bang and the ceiling upstairs fell in,” Linda Daly said. “That should have been a clue to get out of here, but… adrenaline is rushing."

They didn't fear the storm.

Local legend says a tornado on the lake is nothing to worry about because the lake would change its course.

But they found out that is just a legend. The storm headed straight toward them.

"The next thing you know, right where you are sitting, now the entire ceiling collapsed, and fortunately we moved back or we wouldn't be here now,” Pat Daly said.

The damage inside was extensive.

Level by level, their three-story water-logged house collapsed.

"Our living room was literally full of Lake Keystone,” Pat Daly said.

They did eventually shelter at a neighbor’s, and they weren't sure they'd ever be able to call their place home again.

But, after months of headache and repair, they are home and happy.

The Dalys say having good insurance helped a lot.

Their advice? Double check your insurance policies and know what your coverage includes.