Police Search For Tips On Dog Who Attacked 10-Year-Old Boy

Wednesday, March 9th 2016, 6:26 pm
By: News On 6

A 10-year-old McAlester boy was attacked by a dog on his way home from school, his parents say.

Not only were the boy’s injuries disturbing, but what the dog owners reportedly did after the attack has many outraged.

Arenzy was on a walking trail going from his elementary school to his granny's house when he saw the three women with a dog.

The dog got loose from the leash and began running, he said.

So Arenzy stepped off the trail, thinking he would get out of the way. He didn't realize that dog was coming straight at him.

"Jumped on him and knocked him down and started growling and went for his face," mom  Laura Buie said.

The dog's teeth scratched Arenzy's face and punctured his cheek. Arenzy said the women got their dog and left, leaving him to run the rest of the way to his granny's house, bleeding and crying.

“I can't imagine with a child crying, not even if he wasn't crying, just to leave and not call the cops or the school wasn't far, go back and get a teacher, just to leave and not ever come forward,” Buie said.

Arenzy didn't need stitches, but his parents were told if they didn't find the dog in 10 days, Arenzy would have to start a series of painful rabies shots.

So his family posted flyers, people at the school have been looking, the local paper did an article, and police say their animal control officer searched every day.

"We received tips of a dog matching that description and he'd check backyards, we just haven't had any luck locating the dog,” MPD Sgt. Chris Morris said.

So Arenzy, a kid who hates shots, has to go to the ER at least four times to get six painful shots.

He had also just recently had gotten over his fear of dogs, but after the attack, that fear is back, so the family is giving away their dog and this situation has also stolen some of Arenzy's independence.

"He begged us to let him walk to granny's after school every day,” Buie said. “And now, he doesn't have any desire."

Police would still like to know where this dog is and who owns it, because they don't want this to happen to another child.

The dog is a brown-and-white pit bull, according to police. If you have any information, please call McAlester police.