New Tulsa Cafe Offers Second Chance To Women Who Need It

Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 11:34 pm
By: News On 6

A new lunch joint in the heart of downtown Tulsa will open its doors next week. But the cafe offers much more than just a meal, it offers a second chance to women who need one.

Take Two: A Resonance Cafe located at 3rd and Main will open its doors next Wednesday. It's the only business of its kind in Tulsa, because every customer who visits will truly be changing lives.

Amie Mannon got out of prison in October – she was charged with trying to make meth.

"I had drug problems, and drug problems accelerate, like mine did. So I got drug charges. I've just been taking programs and treatment, and this opportunity came my way," Mannon said.

Thanks to that opportunity she now lives in a fabulous loft in downtown Tulsa, has a full-time job and she’s getting ready to take some college classes.

Mannon is part of a non-profit program called Take Two - it's the first of its kind in Tulsa.

Here's how it works:

There's the cafe at where Mannon and other recently released inmates will make and serve food. When they're not working, they'll be hanging out in their newly renovated apartment right above the restaurant.

Deidra Kirtley, the program's director, said the model gives the women everything they need to re-join society.

"Here, we give women who have been incarcerated, and are willing and ready to work hard, a place to have a second chance. They can work here, they can have a second chance, and transportation's not an issue," Kirtley said.

They'll work and live there for six months, gaining new skills and work experience, and saving money.

After that, the goal is to find a permanent job.

But first, they need customers. So when the cafe's doors open on Wednesday, Mannon hopes people will give it a chance.

The program says the cafe will pay for itself and actually start making money within one year.

You can find their menu and other information here.