Unpaid Employees Hold Protest Outside Full Moon Cafe Auction

Monday, September 28th 2015, 7:19 pm
By: News On 6

A Cherry Street restaurant is clearing house after shutting its doors three weeks ago. Monday, Full Moon Cafe auctioned off some of its last remaining furniture and equipment.

A few of the restaurant's former workers took that opportunity to stage a protest; they said the restaurant's owner still owes them money.

They claim he's been ignoring them since closing the place down, so now they're planning to file a federal lawsuit.

It's been closed for the last three weeks, but for one final day, business was booming at Full Moon Cafe.

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"Pickin' the bone dry, I guess. Biddin' away the building," said auction attendee, Ethan Jones.

The restaurant auctioned off anything and everything it could to make one last bit of profit; but Chris Kackley, who worked as a manager, said he likely won't see any of it.

Kackley: “It's like getting your knees kicked out."
Annie: "Can't feel good."
Kackley: "No, not at all. There's money coming in right now that is not going to us."

He claims the restaurant's owner, Tony Henry, still owes his coworkers thousands of dollars in unpaid wages.

A handful of former employees and their attorneys came to the auction, not to place any bids, but to request, once again, they get their hard-earned pay.

“Pay us. Pay me and my co-workers,” Kackley said.

Attorney Jeffrey Jones said, "We would simply like him to pay the wages and the compensation that his employees are owed."

They were hoping to confront Henry, face-to-face but were told he wasn't there.

"So, apparently we're getting nowhere yet again, so we're going to have to go forward with the federal lawsuit," Jeffrey Jones said.

Ethan Jones said he grew up going to Full Moon Cafe with his family. He said he stopped by the auction to give it a final goodbye.

Near the end, he said it was no secret the restaurant wasn't ever going to be what he remembered.

"We couldn't understand how they stayed in business so long, treating their employees the way they did. It's disappointing, but not shocking," he said.

We’ve reached out to Henry for a statement but have not heard back.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon Cafe in Broken Arrow is still open.