Creek County Judge Dismisses Accessory Case In 1992 Murders

Wednesday, September 16th 2015, 2:24 pm

The case against a man charged for involvement in a 1992 triple murder was dismissed in a hearing on Wednesday.

Grover Prewitt was charged in 2013 with accessory to murder in a 1992 triple murder, two of whom were former relatives. His sister, Beverly Noe, is already serving prison time after she accepted a plea deal and her first-degree murder charges were amended to accessory.

On Wednesday, a judge approved motions by Prewitt's attorney arguing the accessory after the fact charges were time-barred by the statue of limitations. He argued the statute of limitations was only three years in 1992 when the murders occurred. The law was changed in later years and now there is now no statute of limitations.

There are three county prosecutors trying the case because of its complexity.

In the hearing, Creek County Assistant District Attorney Laura Farris says her DA's office urged the judge to consider that accessory is a continuing crime because Prewitt was always concealing the fact the bodies were hidden. She also said the state told the judge Prewitt did things over the years to aid his sister.

Noe was convicted of accessory, and Farris says in entering a guilty plea, Noe waived any claim to the statute of limitations.

Prosecutors alleged Prewitt intentionally helped his now-dead mother and other family members cover up the murders and conceal the bodies of Wendy Camp, 23, Cynthia Britto, 6, and Lisa Kregear, 22, avoiding prosecution for more than two decades. They also said Prewitt interfered with the investigation by apparently sabotaging an undercover operation in which he was fit with a wire and asked to obtain information.

The new development means the the DA has the option to review the judge's decision and decide either exercise his right to appeal or not to move forward at all.

Tess Maune was in Bristow today and will have more on this story tonight in the 6 p.m. newscast.