Vandals Destroy Tulsa Home Going To Veteran In Need

Monday, September 7th 2015, 6:30 pm
By: News On 6

Police are looking for the vandals responsible for destroying a Tulsa home that was supposed to go to a veteran in need.

The North Delaware home was in foreclosure and donated to Roofs for Troops who came in and totally remodeled it. But thanks to the vandals, they’ll have to start over.

With carpet ripped off the floors, holes knocked in the sheetrock and paint splashed on the windows, Richard Pierce with McGraw Realtors can’t believe what vandals have done to the Tulsa home.

“It made me sick. I couldn’t believe it because this is done to help somebody, not for profit.

Roofs for Troops spent $25,000 and months of labor remodeling the house – new paint, carpet, flooring, light fixtures, appliances and more.

But now, a sink is missing from the bathroom and the whole place is flooded after vandals turned on every faucet and left them running, ruining the home going to a veteran with low-income.

"To come in and see somebody, just out of meanness, for no good reason, damage something to this extent, it's unheard of. You can't believe it when you walk through," Pierce said.

When he showed us the house, Pierce realized someone had come back and unhooked the air conditioning unit, clearly getting ready to steal it.

The unit doesn't even work and was about to be replaced.

Pierce hopes the vandals get caught and punished.

"I'd like to see them here cleaning it up. Let's get a trade, put ‘em to work, make them put the house back and then have them work to pay off the debt," he said.

Police officers heard about the damage and offered to donate the labor to clean it up and patch it up, but the real estate agent is waiting to talk to the insurance company to have a better idea of what needs to be donated.